Apple, Yaoyao sexy photo shoot set the dew point was accidentally scared crying China Taiwan Strait News

People January 4, according to Taiwan News reported today, in "I Love Blackie" program in the show's signature sisters Apple (Huang Wei-ting) and the Yao-Yao (yellow-an), for the first time
shoot fully nude pictures "stolen sisters wear high heels X delusions song."
But they did not expect sexy into the mirror, protective measures are inadequate, actually accidentally emptied.
Apple's 27 years old and 25-year-old Yao-Yao, the two were due to the same good shape as well as 30F on the circumference of the proud, loved by men and fans; and more recently launched Taiwan's first female female nude sister in this album
, ahead of the Lunar New Year offensive photo market.
However, it was reported in a large number of promotional photos for the album, quite unexpectedly found two photos dew point, Apple revealed "small cranberry (Rujian)", Yaoyao is "a small pink (areola)" exposure.
Print magazine call to the two sisters when they heard scared Yingyan burst crying.
Yao-Yao said he was too light for shooting the scene, sweating and even chest attached slide, the last will "live" play; and sister said that she had started uncomfortable, but that continued behavior among younger sister, had to fight it along
Remove the paste chest shot.
The report also pointed out that, although the two seemingly close fit into the mirror, it seems vied.
The reason is always better than Apple's peach Yaoyao so Yaoyao disgruntled, has privately complained that "Apple's most important effort," they even rented out is to live separately; this is the album to gold will be sucked
barely fit.
In this regard, publishers vigorously to clarify just an accident, emergency recall of the pictures, and will be carefully selected, send a new batch of promotional photos.
The legendary star entertainment, general manager of Andy said they have to do when the protective measures taken, will be emptied according to the investigation; In addition, two sisters substandard vigorously refute rumors.

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